Yellow Sapphire 'Naga' Ring for Brihaspati (Jupiter), 22K

22k ring in yellow gold with a top-quality, untreated natural yellow sapphire set to make gentle skin contact. The band is accented with cobras

Shiva wears snakes, the symbolism of which can be understood in multiple ways. The death inflicting power of cobras and association with fear have no power over Shiva as he is beyond death and fear of mortality. In addition, Vasuki, the king of snakes sought refuge with Shiva when all the serpents were being killed by Garuda, the king of eagles. Shiva offered protection as well as the warmth of his body since the cold weather of Kailash did not suit the snakes. Since then, Vasuki and serpents have been devoted to Shiva. Engraved on the inner band is the mantra 'Om Namah Shivaya'. This ring was custom-made for a client requesting snake symbolism to be incorporated into their Vedic gemstone upāya (remedy). It strengthens the beneficial influence of Brihaspati (Jupiter) in their Jyotish chart.

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